New WILD Leaf 2015As fallen leaves begin to outline our trails here in Colorado’s autumn, WILD prepares for its next season by writing the introduction to a new chapter. We have not one, but THREE exciting announcements to share with you in the next two weeks. Here’s Part I of our New WILD Story.

For the past 16 years, we have proudly displayed our classic WILD Foundation branding as it reflected the spirit of our origin. As times change, so does our need to adapt and create anew. Since early June, the WILD team has worked closely with our colleagues at Environmental Communications Associates and Studio Six Branding to tell this New WILD Story. The result is a modern, rejuvenated expression of who we are. See our new logo and tagline below!

Our updated design continues to demonstrate our native roots in Africa with a fresh new Erythrina leaf design, modern font, and lively green color. The Erythrina remains our symbol of wilderness. WILD Foundation founder, Dr. Ian Player explains how this specific leaf was chosen: “The three points of the leaf symbolize the most important relationships in the world: person to divinity, person to soil, person to person. Many years later I realized that the fourth relationship was the internal relationship of each of us to ourselves, and that was as big a mystery as the leaf itself.” Get the full story here.

While we excitedly share this new expression of our essence, we invite you to join us in the coming weeks as we create a New WILD Story together.

Part II of the New WILD Story will be announced on Thursday, September 17th!

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