Nature needs your voice now more than ever.

Time is running out to protect Half of Earth’s land and seas.

This September, national delegations will convene at the 26th World Conservation Congress organized by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Learn below how you can join us in using your voice to encourage our planet’s leaders to protect our wild lands and halt the climate crisis.  

Our most urgent mission is turning the leadership conversation towards protecting Half of Earth’s land and seas, as soon as possible. This is called Motion 101. Learn more about Motion 101 and how you can support it.

It’s time we told the world we’re wild and want to keep Earth wild by protecting half. To do this, we need your help because every voice truly makes a difference in amplifying the importance of wild nature in order to protect our future.

Create your own video utilizing the short script below. We encourage you to post on your feeds, tag us, and send your video to so we can make another video collage.


“I support protecting half of Earth’s land and seas.

I. Am. WILD.”


How to create your video:

  • Memorize your lines
  • Look directly at the camera
  • Hold your phone vertical not horizontal (think portrait)
  • Hold your phone with your arm extended at eye level
  • Speak at a normal rate


Yawanawá: Keeping Culture From Extinction

Yawanawá: Keeping Culture From Extinction

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