You Can Help Bring Justice to the Biosphere and Save Life on Earth

WILD is linking people around the world with the effort to restore traditional lands to the Yawanawa People. And you can help!

Yes, You Actually Can Help Local Communities in West Africa & Slow Mass Extinction too!

Because of the Mali Elephant Project people are able to help restore and protect elephant habitat in an economically and ecologically challenging context

The Time to Act Was Yesterday

Encouraging and strengthening young conservation leaders is absolutely essential if we are to achieve a just and sustainable future. Learn more about CoalitionWILD – WILD’s young conservation leader network.

Don’t Fence Me In! (Or Out!)

We thought the battle had been won, but today we learn that it may just be beginning… In an effort to protect its cattle export industry from...

Wilderness in Europe…on the move!

Wilderness is making a comeback in Europe.  There are three packs of wolves in Saxony (Germany);  the European lynx has re-appeared in numerous...