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There are lots of ways you can give back to nature, and giving to WILD is only one of them. We ask you to consider a donation to WILD today so that we can continue to mobilize ambitious actions to save Earth’s biosphere.

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Last year, WILD and its many donors started to change the world for the better.

We started to mobilize global action to defend Earth’s biosphere. For the first time ever, we achieved formal, global recognition of the scientific consensus that we must protect at least Half of Earth’s lands and seas to halt the climate and biodiversity crises.

We have started to change the world. But we aren’t done yet. And without the support of people like you, we may not finish. Now is your chance to join an exciting, historic, and utterly driven community of scientists, activists, philanthropists, and people who don’t identify as any of those things, but who care enough about life on Earth that they are willing to give generously to support the necessary actions to save it.

When you donate to WILD, $9 out of every $10 dollars goes directly to programs addressing the root causes of the climate and biodiversity emergencies: a broken and disrespectful relationship with nature.

For nearly 50 years, the WILD Foundation and its many donors have protected diversity; biological and cultural. Our efforts have helped keep Earth wild. We invite you to join us in this work and join a unique and growing community with vision enough to pursue hard, but necessary objectives, like protecting Half of Earth’s lands and seas.

Here’s how we did that this year:

The continued protection of the Yawanawa’s land at +200,000 hectares

  • Storing 50,000,000 tons of carbon, equal to the emissions of 10 million cars
  • One river boat purchased so the Yawanawa can service villages more efficiently and patrol their territory
  • Strengthening the land tenure of the traditional stewards of the Western Amazon to ensure a just and sustainable future for the rainforest.

Improved local communities’ access to natural resources and autonomous decision making in Western Africa

  • Protected +3.4 million hectares of grasslands (and area the size of Switzerland)
  • Defended 300 desert roaming elephants
  • Empowered 400,000 local ethnic peoples to lead in conservation, including 1200 local ecoguards, 84 of which are women!

Mentoring the next generation

  • 65 young changemakers from 41 countries participated in programming
  • 2,500 households participated in discussions about illegal hunting
  • 18 workshops and presentations held about environmental related topics

Victories for Nature Needs Half

  • 350% increase in Survival Revolution Ambassadors
  • +2,000 high level African policy makers, activists, and researchers now briefed on the need to protect Half
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This donation match is available to all of our donors (up to $50) when you give with a Treecard. For example, if you donated $30 with your Treecard, we would receive $60, give $50- WILD gets $100!

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