You Can Choose A Wilder Future Today

Biodiversity is the key to a better future – And so are you!

Today, you get to choose between two worlds.

The first world has fewer and fewer wild places, decreasing biodiversity, and subsequently more pain, injustice, and misfortune.

The other is abundant with wildlife and expanding opportunities for people and nature, resulting in more hope, abundance, and biodiversity.

Which world will you choose?

Today, donate to WILD as we mobilize leaders to make the decisions that will ensure people benefit from wild places for generations to come.

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About WILD

WILD is an international team pushing to solve the root causes of the biodiversity and climate crisis. We take bold, science-based stands — such as protecting Half of Earth’s lands and seas — while building powerful coalitions based on respect for people and the planet. When you give to WILD, you become a part of our global community that creates victories for nature like the ones listed below:


Western Africa

Restoring the ecology of an area the size of Switzerland to support tens of thousands of people and the last remaining herd of desert elephants in North Africa.


Global Goals

Securing the first global policy to recognize the scientific consensus that we must protect at least Half of Earth’s lands and seas to effectively address the climate crisis and halt mass extinction.


The Amazon

Supporting the Yawanawa People in the recovery of their territory and the protection of the Amazon’s rich biodiversity in an area that sequesters the carbon equivalent of the annual emissions of 10 million cars.


Scientific Research

Advancing cutting-edge research that clearly demonstrates the immense contribution of wildlife to Earth’s potential for increased carbon sequestration.

WILD 2022 Annual Report

Annual Report

Download our digital annual report to save trees and learn more about the environmental wins WILD achieved in the last year. Then, learn more about nature’s life-giving services through a unique WILD deck of cards, designed by the artists on our team.

Infinite WILD Card Deck

Infinite WILD NFT

54 unique cards including two tricksters

Infinite WILD NFT

WILD’s staff and program associates are featured on some of the cards

Infinite WILD NFT

Each card represents an ecological service or a way we, as individuals, can serve nature

Infinite WILD NFT

4 suits representing the four categories of ecological services

Play To Win

As an added bonus, this year WILD’s top 54 donors will receive a unique, carbon-neutral NFT of one of the cards. All donors will be able to claim a share in a community card, the design featured on the back of each WILD playing card.

We partner with Alogrand to make all of our WILD NFTs carbon-neutral. Algorand uses proof-of-stake technology to reduce its energy usage by over 99% compared to standard crypto currencies. We’re proud to offer our donors a unique, high-value form of recognition with a smaller ecological footprint than that of the standard gifts typically sent through the mail.


Give Today

Protecting nature on a large scale is critical for local communities and the planet. We cannot do it alone.

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