Wilderness Lives In Us, And We Belong To It

Together We Can Keep Earth

Saving Earth’s wilderness has the power to halt climate change, end mass extinction, and decrease the frequency of pandemics. The science is clear. To stop and reverse climate change, we must protect and restore wilderness. To save Earth’s biodiversity, comprising millions of life forms, from mass extinction, we must protect and restore wilderness. To decrease the frequency of novel viruses, we must protect and restore wilderness.

Every single one of us depends on wilderness. This is why the WILD Foundation is building a global movement to protect wilderness. When we do, we defend life and build a wild and healthy future for humanity.

Your help is needed in the global effort to keep Earth wild.


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Movement Building

In order to change laws, leaders need to have public support

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Policy Creation

80% of extinction is driven by the legal destruction of habitat

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Boots On The Ground

These programs halt immediate destruction & loss of wild places


WILD is mobilizing one hundred million voices around the world in defense of nature, so that global leaders are empowered to take the next step to ensure our survival: protecting half of Earth’s land and seas. In 2021, two global decisions will determine how many wild areas we set aside to serve all of life. We need your help to ensure that the recommendation of both Traditional Leaders and contemporary scientists – 50% of Earth – is adopted at these historic meetings.



Millions of square kilometers of new and improved international protected areas

Tens of thousands of people empowered to value and protect wild areas

Dozens of international commitments to a wilder and healthier planet