Connecting and equipping young leaders to tackle our planet's greatest conservation challenges.

The Opportunity

Threats to nature exist everywhere, and young people are organizing to bring immediate and necessary solutions to their communities. Often they work alone, without formal education or connection to broader networks that provide much needed encouragement, advice, and resources, leaving them vulnerable to isolation and uncertainty.


CoalitionWILD is propelling young leaders to their full potential to solve global environmental problems and generate change through providing the outlet, encouragement, mentorship, and resources they are seeking. Our vision is a world where people and nature thrive because of youth driven change.

CoalitionWILD is unique among programs that support young leaders as it encourages grassroots problem-solving as opposed to imposing top-down solutions.

Abby was on the cusp of graduating fourth grade in the gifted and talented program when she concluded that there was no use in trying anymore. “The world is just too messed up,” she told teachers and friends. But one of her teachers wasn’t willing to let her give up so easily.

After finding CoalitionWILD online, Abby’s teacher connected her with an international network of peer leaders ages 12-35. These leaders, in turn, encouraged Abby to start her own project to save nature. Their inspiration was enough for Abby to find the motivation to launch two initiatives, one to help defend an endangered elephant herd in West Africa and the other to halt the trafficking of Slow Lorises.

When Abby saw that her leadership could make improvements for wildlife around the world, Abby discovered the hope she needed to become a part of a growing movement of young people overcoming extraordinary challenges for the defense of nature.

There are millions of young leaders around the world just like Abby, needing only the support and encouragement of others to activate their innate power. CoalitionWILD is tapping into these opportunities, and building an engaged and experienced generation equipped with the networks and resources they need to generate change at home and abroad.

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How CoalitionWILD does it

Encourages leadership

Sometimes the hardest thing a leaders does is remain committed to their work. CoalitionWILD inspires lasting leadership through storytelling, mentorship, and opportunities for recognition.

Connects leaders

Young leaders are facing never before seen challenges. There are few roadmaps to guide their actions. Peer networks are key to continued learning.


Equips the future

CoalitionWILD excels at helping young people identify new resources to launch their solutions, taking their advocacy to the next level and lowering the threshold for action.


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