CoalitionWILD is equipping the youth of today for a better tomorrow.


An intensive 6-month leadership and capacity building training equipping emerging environmental leaders with the skills necessary to carry out action projects for the planet.

Global Mentorship

A 6-month virtual mentorship program aimed at building collaborative and cross-generational relationships between emerging young environmental leaders and senior conservation professionals.

Capacity Building Workshops

CoalitionWILD collaborates with programs and organizations globally to provide their networks with youth trainings, tailored mentorship and facilitated skill building workshops. Email us to partner.

Impact Report 2022

We believe that making a difference starts with an awareness of your own impact on the world around you.

In our 10 years of developing young leaders, we have seen how individuals who grow to become community leaders generally have the discernment to identify issues in their own communities and ecosystems. Their experiences have helped them recognize these challenges, giving them an idea of how to address them. We step in to provide free resources and mentorship so that they can put their vision into action.

Join us as we continue to cultivate a movement of young leaders who can make a difference in their communities. Let’s take a step together to inspire more generations to come.

A Force For Change

Youth-developed and youth-led by a youth-team, youth-board, and youth-partners*, we know that just inspiring youth isn’t enough –

We need to lower the threshold for active involvement.

We work with young people self-designing solutions for issues they care about.

It’s not just about providing the tools to create action. We are ensuring they have the belief that they know how to use those tools best.

* We define youth as 35 years of age and under.


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Young Champions Of The Earth

Protecting Pangolins in Nepal

Discover the remarkable work of Prativa Kaspal, a passionate conservationist from Nepal. Her project focuses on preserving the critically endangered Chinese and Indian pangolins, which are facing severe threats due to overhunting and habitat loss. Through her dedication and participation in the CoalitionWILD EXCELerator program, Prativa is making a significant impact on pangolin conservation while inspiring others to join the cause.

Reviving Guadeloupe’s Ecosystems: Natalia Rozniewska’s Manatee Reintroduction Projec

Through her remarkable journey, she has worked tirelessly to protect and rehabilitate various species worldwide. Her latest project focuses on the reintroduction of manatees to Guadeloupe, a French island in the Lesser Antilles. This article explores Natalia’s background, her profound connection to wildlife, and the captivating efforts she is making to restore the delicate balance of Guadeloupe’s ecosystems.

Enhancing Environmental Health in Cotonou, Benin: The Impact of Ange-Marie Nicodème Esse’s Advocacy

Ange-Marie Nicodème Esse, a dedicated community health advocate from Benin, has been spearheading an Environment-Health education project to address the chronic insalubrity and poor hygienic conditions faced by the populations living on the edges of the lagoon shore of Cotonou.

How One Environmentalist is Turning Plastic Waste into a Valuable Resource in Cameroon

Ayamba’s passion for the natural environment has driven him to turn plastic waste into a valuable resource in Cameroon, creating new jobs, and relieving Douala from plastic pollution. His innovative approach seeks to monetize what was once waste, change the paradigm on plastic, and reduce extreme poverty in Cameroon. Through the EXCELerator program, Ayamba has gained knowledge and skills that have helped his project and him personally.