the planet needs your passion
the planet needs your passion

CoalitionWILD is equipping the youth of today for a better tomorrow.


An intensive 6-month leadership and capacity building training equipping emerging environmental leaders with the skills necessary to carry out action projects for the planet.

Global Mentorship

A 12-month virtual mentorship programme building collaborative and cross generational relationships between emerging environmental leaders and veteran conservationists.

Capacity Building Workshops

CoalitionWILD collaborates with programs and organizations globally to provide their networks with youth trainings, tailored mentorship and facilitated skill building workshops. Email us to partner.

A Force For Change

Youth-developed and youth-led by a youth-team, youth-board, and youth-partners*, we know that just inspiring youth isn’t enough –

We need to lower the threshold for active involvement.

We work with young people self-designing solutions for issues they care about.

It’s not just about providing the tools to create action. We are ensuring they have the belief that they know how to use those tools best.

* We define youth as 35 years of age and under.


Emerging Leaders Equipped


People Impacted Globally






Mentorship Participants


Young Champions Of The Earth

Why “WHY” isn’t enough

When we believe in something, it gains energy – but when we go to work on something, it gains power.

3 Money-Free Ways To Donate

There are many other ways to help support organisations and efforts that you care about, and sometimes they may actually bring you closer to the cause. We spoke with a few of our 2019 CoalitionWILD Ambassadors to collect their thoughts on ways to give that just might be more valuable than money.

What does leadership look like to you?

Learn how passionate, ambitious, and impatient youth are already designing and developing solutions to the challenges they are facing on the ground, in their communities, every day.

CoalitionWILD: Stories from young conservation leaders empowered to save the planet

CoalitionWILD was represented at the World Leaders’ Conservation Forum in early October, sharing to the delegation our vision for empowering the next generation.