The WILD Foundation will, at all times, respect the communities with whom we work and the people and nature whom we serve. We will maintain integrity in our actions and communications and take responsibility for our decisions and their consequences. This Code applies to all employees, associates, and governing body members.


We commit to:

  • Act honestly and truthfully in all our dealings;
  • Honor both the spirit and the letter of the law, and to comply with all governmental laws, rules, and regulations applicable to our operations;
  • Avoid any actual or apparent conflict of interest between our own personal interests and the interests of the organization; and act in a timely and diligent matter to address any such conflicts of interest that may arise;
  • Treat with dignity and respect every individual and all life in nature;
  • Encourage diversity in all practices, policies, and programs;
  • Act with fairness and good faith to our employees and provide conditions of employment that safeguard their rights and welfare;
  • Be responsible partners and collaborators with the people and communities with which we work, and the natural world for which we are responsible, acting at all times for the highest possible benefit of people and nature;
  • Recognize that the assets of the organization are for the public good and we are their stewards, therefore we protect and use them efficiently to advance our public-service work;
  • Foster a working environment that encourages all employees, associates, and directors to ask questions, voice concerns, and make appropriate suggestions regarding operations, their responsibilities, and the results to which we collectively aspire;
  • Be transparent in, and responsible and accountable for, all of our actions.