(Bio)diversity Protects Life

This year the emergencies that challenged us had a single root cause: the assault on natural and cultural diversity.

WILD11 Outcomes

Discover more about WILD11 outcomes and what you can do to help at:

Nature Needs Half: Survival Revolution

The next 10 years are crucial for the future of life on Earth. Protect half the planet by 2030. Defend life. Save nature. Survive.

Survival Revolution

Ten years ago, the WILD Foundation helped set in motion a quiet revolution that has culminated in world leaders asking for the very first time: how much wilderness do humans need to survive?

WILD11: Jaipur, India

WILD11 will be the first of a series of international environmental processes and conferences in 2020 and is positioned to be the starting point of a new and holistic approach to the planetary challenge to survival.

Our Home is Boundless

Our home is boundless. Our solutions to protect her should be too. Let’s build a global movement to preserve our wild earth. Together, we can keep our planet wild! 

Protecting Elephants Protects People

Watch this animation as we explore the importance of Community-centered conservation through the Mali Elephant Project that benefits both elephants and people.

CoalitionWILD: Message from the Director

CoaltionWILD Director, Crista Valentino, talks about the importance of engaging you conservations leaders worldwide.

The Story of WILD

Learn about our story which starts with Dr. Player and his Zulu mentor, Magqubu Ntombela, and brings us to our present-day work.

Of Elephants and People: Community Conservation in the Gourma

The Mali Elephant Project mobilizes all sectors of society – from youth, to elders, to the Malian government – to protect elephants and improve the livelihood of local communities.

Working Together to Solve Big Problems

WILD embraces ambitious new solutions that achieve on-the-ground results for wilderness and the natural processes that serve all life.

Defend Life's Home

Saving life on Earth means first defending life’s many homes. See how Nature Needs Half is working to end the biodiversity crisis.

Why is connectivity important in the rainforest?

Dr. Tom Lovejoy, considered to be the "godfather of biodiversity," revels in the importance of a connected rainforest ecosystem in the Amazon and the role that his Camp 41 serves.

Indaba WILD

From WILD9 in 2009 to WILD10 in 2013.

Next Steps for Realizing a Sustainable Future

7 of the world’s leading climate visionaries and experts converged to debate the crucial next steps humanity must take to adapt to drastic changes in the global environment.

The Story of WILD

Learn about our story which starts with Dr. Player and his Zulu mentor, Magqubu Ntombela, and brings us to our present-day work.

Nature Needs Half Network

Learn about our global ground game that will protect 50% of the planet by 2050, one ecoregion and country at a time.

Nature Prevails

Behind every species fighting to survive, are the people dedicated to their protection. We persist, so that nature prevails.

World Wilderness Congress: Inspiration, Action, & Results

The story of using WILD9 to help create a 3 million acre transboundary protected area.

Procession to Honor the Vaquita

This performance was designed to mourn the 500 vaquitas that we lost in the past 20 years, and to help us heal for this 6th Mass Extinction that is currently underway.

Highlights of WILD10

See what happened at the 10th World Wilderness Congress in Salamanca, Spain, October 2013.

Intro to WILD10

The 10th World Wilderness Congress took place in Salamanca, Spain, October 2013.

WILD10 Opening Ceremony

Led by Indigenous Leaders Julie Cajune, Terry Tanner, and Tashka Yawanawa.