With Integrity

Our Values


Integrity in all interactions, with nature and people. Everything else will follow.

Lasting protections and respect are built on trust. And just like wilderness works best when it is intact and interconnected – when it has integrity – so do human relations. WILD works to do what is right for nature while simultaneously helping human communities. 


 Respect is at the root of all sustainable solutions.

Tremendous advances in science and technology are important, but they alone are not enough to overcome the challenges we face. Ultimately, true sustainability is derived from respect; respect for nature and respect for each other. Our business at WILD is to carry that respect with us everywhere we go, strengthening in ourselves, in global leadership, and in the communities who depend on nature to survive.


 The need for nature crosses all borders. So does the need for each other.

Since our founders defied racist Apartheid policy to save the Southern White Rhino from the brink of extinction, the WILD Foundation has been forging unity around the world. Building the types of communities with the capacity and resolve to defend nature effectively.