Fight Climate Change & Save Biodiversity

Donating to WILD helps protect half the Earth’s land and seas — the single best solution for addressing climate change and mass extinction.

High rating. Higher goals.

The WILD Foundation has earned the highest rating of 4-stars from Charity Navigator year after year. This ranks us in the top 9% of all charities for trustworthiness & effectiveness.

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We are all in this fight together. Your donation helps us protect wilderness — which protects all of us.

Why Give Now

From today, we have less than 10 years to effectively address global warming/climate change and the extinction crisis if we are to avert catastrophic impacts in the 21st century.

At WILD, we believe that the single best strategy to defend humanity’s future is to bolster wild biodiversity in wilderness and invest in projects that give nature the space she needs to thrive. That’s why our programs create and strengthen leadership and public support for wild nature.


The scientific consensus backs us up here, here, and here. And a lot of other places, too. For a brief summary of why we need wild nature and lots of it to halt climate change, visit

When you donate to WILD, you help us push for global policy change and a host of other proven solutions to empower people and our planet. Everyone has a part to play, and our future depends on it.

We’re Making Waves. Here’s How.

Below are a few of WILD’s high-impact, cost-effective, evidence-based, and nature-positive initiatives.


Nature Needs Half

We need to protect half of our lands and seas to halt the destruction of Earth’s wilderness, climate change, and loss of biodiversity. In 2009, WILD launched the first global coalition to advocate for massive reform in the UN and on national policy levels.

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The Survival Revolution

The Survival Revolution is WILD’s global public outreach campaign. We use expert and celebrity influencers to reach over 100 million people with practical information and calls to action in support of protecting half of Earth’s land and seas.

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Youth Leadership for the Planet

Around the world, young people are defending biodiversity in their communities — many without formal education or access to funding opportunities. CoalitionWILD supports these courageous young leaders with mentorships, funding, and opportunities to elevate and replicate their work on a global platform.


Mali Elephant Project

The award-winning Mali Elephant Project in West Africa defends an area of elephant habitat the size of Switzerland that is also home to nearly 400,000 people! The Mali Elephant Project is a model for the future: by changing attitudes, institutions, and actions, humanity can create hope for elephants and people where previously there was none.

Support The Future Of Our Planet

Harvard research shows that to create systemic change you must mobilize 3.5% of the world’s population. Are you one of the 3.5%?

Other Ways To Take Action

Not ready or can’t afford to donate? Share this page, join our newsletter below, and use your voice to support wilderness.