Mali Elephant Project

Community-centered conservation that benefits both elephants and people

The Mali Elephant Project exemplifies what is possible through true collaboration, the recognition of local leadership, and empowering grassroots solutions. True to WILD’s signature style of conservation, we foster local autonomy and problem-solving among our Malian partners who control the work; we do not provide aid or impose outside ideas.

The Opportunity

Local people in the remote, arid lands of West Africa understand that they are embedded in the web of life – like elephants and all species – and dependent upon its integrity. For them, the loss of elephants would be a sign that the environment was much reduced in its capacity to support life, including themselves.


True sustainability occurs when communities are empowered to work together to regenerate the environment in ways that improve their own livelihoods and make space for elephants. Transparent and equitable local governance is key, and supports Government in protecting the elephants from poachers.


To find ways for humans and elephants to thrive together.


Square acres of elephant habitat with enhanced protection & restored native forage & habitat

Biosphere reserve requested by local communities to protect their elephants

Elephants roaming free in the deserts of Mali because of local efforts

The MEP works in the central part of Mali, in West Africa

The people of Mali are saving elephants against the odds.

Will you help them?