Nature Needs Half

Creating a new relationship between society and nature

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The Opportunity

Nature is life. To protect life we must give nature the space she needs to thrive. And science tells us that means protecting half of Earth by 2030. If we do, we will end the Sixth Mass Extinction before it devastates life on Earth. Protection at this unprecedented scale requires working together across boundaries to ensure that nature, and life, survives.


Nature Needs Half is an international coalition unified by respect for nature and growing alarm for life on Earth. It was founded and is stewarded by the WILD Foundation. This international team is addressing the root causes threatening our biosphere and is helping to transform the relationship between society and nature.

Take a breath. Feel the air fill your lungs as the oxygen molecules pass into your blood stream. Have you ever asked yourself how the air in your lungs comes into existence? Most of us know that the oceans and forests are responsible for producing the oxygen in our atmosphere. But how?

As it turns out, every breath on Earth is derived from a sophisticated living engine made up of millions of vital life components.Take whales for example. As they migrate across the ocean, their waste feeds the microscopic organisms that produce oxygen. Forest elephants are another example. They help plant the trees that regulate Earth’s climate. Still others are chimpanzees, bats, elk, bears, orangutans, and more. Each living individual contributes to the health of our biosphere. And these individuals need a place to live that supports their unique biology so that they can in turn continue to support the rest of life.

Life needs a home. And nature needs space to be that home, which every breath we takes depends upon.


Transform the relationship between society and nature and protect 50% of the planet by 2030.

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Nature Needs Half is an international coalition of scientists, conservationists, nonprofits, and public officials defending nature at the scale she needs to continue to function for the benefit of all life. And WILD is stewarding a global ground game that will protect 50% of the planet by 2030, turning the tide in favor of Earth’s life support systems and transforming society’s relationship with nature, one ecoregion and country at a time.

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What stewardship achieves

Coordination is essential for success

A military would never go into battle without the army, navy, and air force coordinating moves. Why should the conservation sector try to save nature without also coordinating? Coordination between governments and organizations is essential for success.

Community reinforces commitment and values

Acting in isolation creates the potential for vulnerability and loss in momentum. When we meet regularly to exchange information, learn from each other, and recommit to goals, we strengthen action for nature.

Shared short-term objectives are the first step

…to big wins for nature in the long-term. Identifying and setting shared goals and objectives helps reinforce steady progress to large-scale, long-term commitments and provides a strategic platform for other groups to adopt.

Nature Needs Half coalition members work in the following areas


Members reaching millions of people around the world.

Objectives in the next two years, including increasing protected area targets

Areas protected through the Quick Response Biodiversity Fund

Help create a world based on respect for nature.


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