How much wilderness do we need to survive?


A Historic Opportunity for Life on Earth

 Ten years ago, the WILD Foundation helped set in motion a series of events that has culminated in world leaders asking for the very first time, “How much wilderness do people need to survive?” You can help strengthen the traditional and contemporary scientific answer to this question – 50% of Earth land and seas – by giving to WILD’s expanding efforts around the world.

Why 50% of Earth’s Land and Seas?

Earth is a planetary green engine that supports all life. In the words of one conservationist, “It provides everything that humans need most, except for love.” Every time we remove a landscape or species from that engine, we tamper with a sophisticated set of relationships responsible for the foundation of human well-being and livelihoods. And the scientific consensus informs us that removing more than 50% of Earth’s wildlands will result in a

tipping point with catastrophic effects on climate, biodiversity loss, and human livelihoods.

What Can You Do About It

50% may sound like a big number (and it is!), which is why cooperation is key. WILD is recruiting leaders and influencers from around the world to help us reach over 100 million people in 2020 with this message, in large, biodiverse countries that are not yet aware of the need to protect half of Earth, including Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. We will take this message all the way to the next United Nations Convention of Biological Diversity in late 2020, and urge leaders to base spatial target decisions on the best available science, not politics.

Strengthen the Source of Life: Wilderness

Setting aside half of Earth for nature is the single biggest, and most efficient action we can take to address runaway climate change and extinction. How we do it in time to save life on Earth as we know it is the single most exciting story of our time! Join the Survival Revolution! Your actions today will reverberate for generations to come.


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For over 40 years the WILD Foundation has built strong leadership and communities that respect and protect wilderness for the benefit of all life on Earth.


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