Animate The Carbon Cycle

The Global Rewilding Alliance (GRA) is facilitating a high-level group of 60 scientists, economists, and civil society organizations to launch an initiative that, by 2023, will demonstrate the direct impact of nature solutions on solving the climate emergency.

“Animate the Carbon Cycle: Supercharging ecosystem carbon sinks to meet the 1.5 degrees C target” is a collaborative research and demonstration project that will confirm the massive positive and highly-undervalued impact that intact and functional nature has on stabilizing the climate, and humanity’s urgent need to protect and restore intact ecosystems. Scientific research shows the essential role that healthy populations of wild animal, plant, and fungal species play in the world’s carbon cycle.

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Climate Advocacy in Action: Steve Misati’s Journey

Climate Advocacy in Action: Steve Misati’s Journey

In a world facing environmental challenges, individuals like Steve Misati emerge as beacons of hope, leading the charge for marine conservation and climate justice. Hailing from Mombasa, Kenya, Steve is not just a dedicated Marine Conservationist but also a fervent Climate Justice Advocate and Environmental Defender.

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