Hidden conservationists

Behind the scenes at WILD with Jackie Batrus, Content Manager

We are all conservationists when we use our unique skills to help protect the natural world around us.

That’s why we’d like to help you discover the different nature conservation professions that help make the world a better place but aren’t always in the forefront of the environmental world.

Meet Jackie Batrus, WILD’s Content Manager.

What does your work actually entail?

Jackie Batrus - WILD Foundation

Well, I guess to put it in the most basic terms, my job entails organizing timelines and projects that are related to WILD’s communications. WILD’s team is small so even though I manage projects, I have to know, or at least have an understanding of, everything that falls under the realm of communication. This includes knowing how websites are built and managed, how ads are run, how social media campaigns are created, how video editing is done… the list goes on. And, truthfully, that’s the most exciting part about my job: that it’s not limited to one singular thing. I get to work with some of the most talented creatives and hopefully, if I’m doing my job correctly, they feel empowered and on track to produce their best work.

I’ve always been extremely passionate about compelling storytelling as an avenue of change. This job allows me to do that with others by my side for the health and benefit of the natural world. It’s a win-win and truly the best way for me to contribute to the environmental realm!

What do you like about your job?

Jackie Batrus - WILD Foundation

Easy peasy, it’s the people. That’s 100% what I like most about my job. I think it would almost be too simple for me to say that my favorite part about my job is “working for a greater cause” or “working to protect the environment,” because that’s not the truth. Of course, I am passionate about that and I’m extremely lucky that I get to work hand in hand with that passion on a daily basis, surrounded by others who feel the same way. But, non-profit work, and specifically environmental work, is quite emotionally taxing. There are days when you feel down, demoralized, and like you aren’t getting anywhere in solving some of the largest problems humanity’s facing but when you’re surrounded by a team that’s sympathetic, understanding, and is always ready to put things back into perspective for you, it’s priceless and makes everything worthwhile.

Can you tell us about a moment/story that stood out to you with your work?

I’m not really sure if one would categorize this as “a story” or “a moment” but, I’ve had the privilege of interviewing many incredible individuals who work in the environmental world and some of those interviews have greatly stuck with me. I’ll never forget getting to interview Nomba Ganame, the Field Manager of the Mali Elephant Project. Even from nine thousand miles away and through a computer screen, you could tangibly feel his dedication to the work he’s carrying out. That sort of interview always re-energizes my soul and sparks a fire within to continue shedding light on the incredible work that’s going on out there. Again, this brings me back to my passion for compelling storytelling, I believe it touches something within people that numbers, pure facts, and science will never come close to touching.

What advice would you give to others who are searching for a job with purpose?

Jackie Batrus - WILD Foundation

Figure out what you’re good at and then search for a company or an organization that appeals to your values and passion. We get too caught up in the idea that we need to fit in a mold of one type of job to work in certain fields but, the truth is, every field, every line of work needs people with all sorts of skill sets to keep them moving forward. You and your know-how can be the missing puzzle piece an amazing organization is looking for. Oh, and also, trust the process. A colleague of mine, Jennifer Meyer, said “Life’s about the journey but it’s also about the choices.” Trust that your choices will lead you where you need to be!

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