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Topic 4: Crypto & Conservation


Giving back comes in many forms. Take a look at the up and coming world of crypto conservation with climate change activist, Chimpzee!

People and companies play an essential role in protecting the environment; not only those who conserve nature on the ground but those who have made it their mission to merge cutting edge technology and digital currencies with climate change activism and biodiversity safeguarding.

Welcome to our series where we’re taking you into the, sometimes touchy, subjects that surround environmental protection in the hopes of providing you with information and knowledge on viable solutions for a sustainable future.

In this fourth conversation, who better to ask about how to prioritize nature’s needs while utilizing cryptocurrency than the Chimpzee team!

What is Chimpzee?

Chimpzee is the first web3 project that provides three ways for people to earn passive income while simultaneously saving animals and fighting climate change. The new Chimpzee green initiative significantly emphasizes protecting our natural environment. It seeks to increase public awareness and revolutionize the way people contribute to charitable organizations that help endangered species and fight climate change.

Why focus on the world of crypto?

As we start to shift more into the technical world we saw that there are very few initiatives that are wielding the power of this new technology to use towards helping save our planet. Chimpzee was created to harness the power of web3 to create an ecosystem that will benefit people that participate in it while at the same time contribute a portion of all profits to charities that support the mission of helping fight climate change and saving animals.

Chimpzee, how did it all start? Is there a specific reason you chose to combine crypto and conservation?

Chimpzee was created to disrupt the way people donate to charity.

We have seen as inflation continues to put a strain on people’s pockets it may present a larger challenge for people to donate to charity. We thought there must be a better way. What if people could benefit and at the same time donate to charity? This is where Chimpzee comes in. Chimpzee provides an opportunity where people can earn free CHIMPZ tokens when they shop, trade or play within the ecosystem while a portion of the profits are donated to charity. Now people can earn rewards and income through their participation in the Chimpzee ecosystem and at the same time contribute to charity. Chimpzee takes away the barrier and makes donating to charity easy!

What is your connection to nature and why did you want to give back to it? Is there a story you can share with us about your link to the natural world?

As legend has it…

In the depths of the African jungle, a legend was born. Max Chimpzeeski, a brilliant scientist with a heart of gold, set out on a mission to save the planet from the ravages of climate change. Armed with nothing but his wits, determination, and passion for nature, he dedicated himself to creating a weapon that would stand up to the forces of animal poaching and deforestation.

After years of tireless work, his efforts paid off. Chimpzee was born from the spirit of the jungle – a being of unmatched strength and wisdom, with a heart that beats for the entire Earth. Part man, part ape, and part machine, Chimpzee was created to protect nature and help save the forests.

Today, Chimpzee continues to fight for the planet, deploying the unprecedented power of Web3 and blockchain technology to create a vibrant ecosystem that empowers people to make a difference. Join us on this epic quest to preserve the planet and become a part of the Chimpzee movement!

What do you envision for the future of the crypto world? And for wilderness?

Chimpzee will prove that the crypto and technology world can play a pivotal role in helping save our environment and the animals we share it with. It has the power to bring people together to work towards achieving a common goal and benefit from it. As more green projects start to harness the power of Web3 to create new initiatives to help save our planet, we all can only benefit from the advancement of these projects. Chimpzee plans to be one of the leading green initiatives that is set to increase the amount of people that donate to charities that support its mission and create a lasting movement that will continue to grow.

The WILD team is so proud to be working with Chimpzee on protecting the last desert elephant herd in this region of Africa. Thank you so much to Chimpzee and all their many players for helping to halt mass extinction. Together, we can keep Earth wild!

To learn more about Chimpzee, visit their website here.


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