Seven amazing leaders from around the world are honored this week as recipients of the 2008 Goldman Environmental Prize.  Their experiences and successes vary greatly – from agricultural advancements to protecting ecosystems from nuclear interests to using music as a tool to alleviate poverty.  The group of leaders “exemplify the astounding environmental work being done by ordinary people around the world,” comments Richard N. Goldman, Goldman Prize founder.  This year, as with each of the past 18 years of the award, the winners represent those who are working on some of the world’s greatest social and environmental challenges.  Since its inception, 162 people from 72 countries have been honored with the award.

This year’s winners are:

Pablo Fajardo Mendoza (35) and Luis Yanza (46), Ecuador

Feliciano dos Santos (43), Mozambique

Rosa Hilda Ramos (63), Puerto Rico

Jesús León Santos (42), Mexico

Marina Rikhvanova (46) Russia

Ignace Schops (43) Belgium

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