Hidden conservationists

Behind the scenes at WILD with Yen Parico, Director of CoalitionWILD

We are all conservationists when we use our unique skills to help protect the natural world around us.

That’s why we’d like to help you discover the different nature conservation professions that help make the world a better place but aren’t always in the forefront of the environmental world.

Meet Yen Parico, Director of CoalitionWILD.

What does your work actually entail?

I wear different hats at WILD, but my main role is to provide the strategic vision for CoalitionWILD’s growth! I’m also involved in policy and advocacy to elevate the discussion on how to genuinely integrate youth into the field of conservation. Additionally, as the person responsible for CoalitionWILD’s day-to-day operations, I lead the fundraising and partnership efforts. This includes not only identifying synergies with other organizations but also understanding how we can support young conservationists beyond financing. I’m fortunate to work with a great team, allowing us to implement all of CoalitionWILD’s programs for our stakeholders!

What do you like about your job?

Definitely the people I work with–within WILD and its partners, and also the stakeholders we support at CoalitionWILD. Aside from never having been emptied with inspiration, being able to work to conserve nature alongside communities is the biggest plus of all.

Can you tell us about a moment/story that stood out to you with your work?

After a thorough discussion with our stakeholders in Kenya, they invited me to dance with them as a way to welcome me to their group–a subtle sign of establishing mutual trust and breaking down barriers that often separate us.

What advice would you give to others who are searching for a job with purpose?

I think before sending out all those applications, you need to do a solid self-reflection–on your values, passions, and topics driving you towards your goal. Also, don’t bypass understanding the level of influence you’d like to work in, would you like to work at an international or grassroots level? Or would you like to be the convener of both? I also think it’s incredibly helpful to seek a mentor that could guide you in this journey.

Learn more about Yen and WILD’s staff.

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Yen Parico
Yen Parico


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