A few weeks ago, ICOSA, a Denver CO based organization, hosted Harvey Locke on their radio show to talk about large landscape connectivity, the Yellowstone to Yukon conservation initiative and Nature Needs Half.  ICOSA’s community based approach lead to a great conversational interview with Harvey that highlighted a lot of the ‘big ideas’ behind his conservation work and WILD’s Nature Needs Half vision.  You can listen and download the full show – nearly an hour of information!

About ICOSA:
ICOSA works to facilitate dynamic cooperation, partnerships and assistance among individuals, businesses, communities, governmental bodies and educational organizations to help foster growth and change. Through the sharing of collaboratively-based stories as well as highlighting the “connectors” within those stories and within the community, our hope is that our readers are moved to begin to work together to address and solve a given problem. We also look to students to learn how to work more collaboratively and to make a difference – both professionally and personally – by using these stories to track movement of community members and “connectors” in action.

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