WILD/Wilderness Conservation Painting Expeditions

Silent, motionless, perched on a ledge at Las Batuecas (Spain), intent on capturing nuances of ancient lines that depict the might and manner of wild goats, I gain awareness of a large bird, voicing its coarse, high-pitched song in peaceful interludes from the trees behind me. I turn to take-in the privilege of its proximity and am surprised to find instead, five paces away, a family of well-fed corzos, roe bucks, babies and all, curious, cautious and at ease until, of course, I reach for my camera. They flee this dangerous predator, swiftly into the abyss, noiselessly scurrying away along imperceptible micro-ledges, wild, intelligent, free.

Generally described as a valley, the Parque natural de Las Batuecas is rather a small canyon in the Reserva de la Biósfera Sierras de Béjar y Francia, some two hours south of Salamanca. After WILD10 I immersed myself in its silence, mild microclimate and clear rivulets, wondrous to my body and soul.

On my days at Las Batuecas I saw several families of wild goats, I heard the owls and saw the snakes; wild boars were always nearby. They all bolstered the thought that Rewilding Europe is sure to be a success: At WILD10 I saw the bright eyes and earnest demeanour of delegates at the Rewilding Europe sessions and workshops. Their commitment, intelligence, knowledge, creativity, organization skills and Love are sure to turn the tables. As Europe sets the world’s fashion trends, so can Europe turn-on the world unto the heroics of the wilderness business, the glam glitz and joys of making the world a wilder place. With such a WILD10 crowd, I know we are to see the wild goats coming back.

Beatriz Padilla,
wilderness painter


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