Photo by Harvey Locke

Photo by Harvey Locke

A team of international photographers, videographers, journalists, artists and avid conservationists (many or whom are members of the International League of Conservation Photographers) journeyed into the wild Flathead River Valley (British Columbia) for 10 days to document its very special qualities and make a case for protecting the area from industrial threats.  The RAVE (Rapid Assessment Visual Expedition) is an initiative of the iLCP – and has brought international attention and action to many conservation hot-spots.

The Goal: To help draw attention to the industrial threats facing the Flathead and to document the extraordinary natural values there.  The wilderness of the Flathead is threatened by mountain top coal mining, strip mining, clear cut logging and coal-bed methane drilling.  Protecting the Flathead as a National Park Reserve Wilderness Area will fill a gap in the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park – the world’s first International Peace Park, founded in 1932.

The RAVE is already recieving a lot of attention, including a feature article in the Vancouver Sun >

The Action: The RAVE photographers fanned out over the valley, working in the early mornings and late evenings to capture the best light. They shot all angles and in all habitats, from aerials to landscapes and specialized underwater river photography. A large mammal photographer set up remote “trip cameras” to capture the many carnivores and ungulates that inhabit the Flathead.  MORE PHOTOS TO COME!

The Expedition Team:

Matthias Breiter (carnivores, bears)
Garth Lenz (aerials, landscapes, forest)
Roy Toft (wildlife)
Joe Riis (carnivores, ungulates)
Michael Ready (underwater: trout & riparian)
Cristina Mittermeier (people and town)
Justin Black (landscapes and wildlife)

ILCP Staff
Cristina Mittermeier – Fellow and Executive Director
Justin Black – Director and Chief of Staff
Jenny Nichols – Multimedia Director
Trevor Frost – RAVE Coordinator

Friends, Colleagues and Supporters
Vance Martin – President, The WILD Foundation
Pat Morrow (video & photo)
Trip Jennings (video)
Andy Maser (video)
Kyle Dickman (writing & video)
Andy Wright (general wildlife)

Harvey Locke (WILD)
Casey Brennan (Wildsight)
John Bergenske (Wildsight)
Ryland Nelson (Wildsight)
Jake Brennan (local)
Will Hammerquist (NPCA)
Jim Cameron (pilot & Lighthawk)

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