The Western Wilderness Conference will take place from April 8-11 at the University of California in Berkeley, California.  Sponsored by the California Wilderness Coalition and the Sierra Club, the Western Wilderness Conference includes organizations from all twelve western states, including Alaksa.

WILD’s VP for Policy, Cyril Kormos will moderate a workshop on Marine Protected Areas, as part of WILD’s leading work with the Marine Wilderness Collaborative, officially launched at WILD9, the 9th World Wilderness Congress.

The conference will host nearly 50 workshops, led by the nation’s most effective advocates, teaching tools and strategies for both long-time activists and new advocates environmental a-like, including:

  • New allies – Learn how to reach out to youth groups, business owners, diverse community and other interest groups.
  • Social media – Galvanize and increase your members with Facebook, Twitter and more. (check out WILD on Facebook and Twitter to see how we’ve done it!)
  • Insider tips – Discover the most effective ways to work with Congress – Government officials tell how to cut through red tape.

The program is packed with great speakers including Cyril Kormos (WILD), Rick Ridgeway (Freedom to Roam),   Bruce Hamilton (Sierra Club), Wendy Francis (Canadian Parks and Wilderness, Yellowstone to Yukon), Garry Oye (National Park Service), Doug Scott (Campaign for America’s Wilderness) and many others!

Read more about the program and register online >

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