OR, I’m going to AFRICA?!?!!

Today, I head out on a great adventure.  I’m sitting at the Denver airport with WILD’s President Vance Martin, about to embark on an amazing journey.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll visit with partners and programs in South Africa and Botswana — my first on-the-ground introduction to our history and work in Southern Africa.  I’m overwhelmed, excited and extremely humbled.

Just a few of the places we’ll visit are:

  • The Wilderness Leadership School, 
  • The Wilderness Foundation,
  • Isandlwana Village Project,
  • Edu-Peg classroom program,
  • the Umfolozi Game Reserve, and
  • the Okavango Delta.

We’ll meet with some amazing conservation leaders along the way.  Following the lead of our “In the Tracks of Giants” program, I plan to feature on WILD’s digital platform each of the conservation “giants” that I meet during my journey so you can learn more about some of the people who lead and inform WILD’s work.  

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Can’t wait to send you some photos from the trail! Away we go…..(sorry no hyperlinks on this post, will try to add them later!)

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