We are pleased to announce this new initiative led by WILD Foundation Trustee, Jaime Rojo: Natural Numbers! Jaime is a photographer, conservationist and writer based in Mexico City, with a decade of experience in Mexico, Spain and United States. He also worked as the Executive Director for WILD9 in Mexico, 2009.

Natural Numbers is a series of short films that combine sound science on valuation of ecosystem services, professional video and photography and creative motion graphics with the purpose of illustrating the market-value of the natural capital and the use we make of it. The first season of Natural Numbers will feature 12 films about the Gulf of California, with the first chapter focusing on the overfishing of sardines.

Main Objectives

  1. To establish alliances with stakeholders in the conservation sector to participate and take action in the issues presented with Natural Numbers
  2. To engage decision-makers and authorities in environmental issues using Natural Numbers information.
  3. To create content, tools and platforms that can be disseminated using social internet-based communication tools.
  4. To develop a strategy and business plan that will allow Natural Numbers to be broadcasted in TV channels.

Natural Numbers will use a visually attractive language and use social media tools to produce short films that will capture the attention of decision-makers and other sectors of society. This easy-to-share format is useful to trigger immediate actions with wide social support on the important conservation and resource management issues on a regional level.

This science & communications initiative is led by:

OCTAVIO ABURTO, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
EXEQUIEL EZCURRA, UCMexus at University of California Riverside
JAIME ROJO, International League of Conservation Photographers, WILD Trustee

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