The rhino poaching crisis is escalating daily.  Of the world’s total rhinos (approximately 20,000 white rhino, and 4,000 black rhino), 80% are in South Africa, so that is where the poaching syndicates concentrate.  So far this year, until 15 March, 135 rhino have been slaughtered…that’s one every 13 hours!

Working with our close partner, the Wilderness Foundation (WFSA), WILD is fighting this crisis on numerous fronts —  in the field with patrol vehicles, with a network confidential informants, and in the media. Part of this is our Campaign Forever Wild, with the assistance of Ogilvey Mather (SA). Andrew Muir, CEO of WFSA, Julie Randall and Vance Martin of WILD, developed a briefing for Senior Congressional Staff which was presented by Andrew at a luncheon on Capitol Hill, sponsored by the International Conservation Caucus Foundation.  A video of the presentation is available, as are numerous media reports.

>>Watch the rhino briefing

>>Read about the briefing

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