Water Playlist

Apr 27, 2021

Water, in all its forms, has been an inspiration to humans over the ages in many ways. We’ve created a playlist of some of our favorite songs about water, as well as a list of some other audibles where we might learn something from or about water.


Be water, my friend
Bruce Lee Podcast

Why lakes and rivers should have the same rights as humans, Kelsey Leonard
TED Talks Daily

The Nature of Water
Bruce Lee Podcast

We need to track the world’s water like we track the weather, Sonaar Luthra
TED Talks Daily

A Poem for All That Life Brings
Poetry Unbound

The invisible life hidden beneath Antarctica’s ice, Ariel Waldman
TED Talks Daily

Judith D. Schwartz: Healing the water cycle to restore climate and ecological balance
Green Dreamer

Be humble – and other lessons from the philosophy of water, Raymond Tang
TED Talk

Interview of Bittu Sahgal
Resistance Radio


From wildlife research to local community: a story of life in Mt. Gaoligong

From wildlife research to local community: a story of life in Mt. Gaoligong

In 2014 – 2015, for 6 months I was part of a field research team working on the gibbons (Hoolock tianxing), a small ape inhabiting the subtropical evergreen forest of southwest China, close to the mountainous Sino-Myanmar border. This region harbors a high level of biodiversity with a 335,549 – ha protected area founded in the 1980s. “Gaoligong” as the reserved was named after referred to an ancient family once living in this area.


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