$1 already protects 6 acres of elephant habitat – just imagine what $340,000 will accomplish

Wilderness needs you. Maximize your investment in wilderness and help WILD meet its end of the year fundraising goal – $340,000 for a wilder planet!


I bet you think doing something as spectacular as saving an elephant from poachers or saving an acre of land from destruction takes a heroic amount of time and money. After all, you might be thinking, if it were easy, why are the planet’s wild places under so much pressure and in danger of being lost completely? Conventional wisdom dictates that it must cost a truckload of money and more, just to accomplish the little things, let alone save the planet.

So you might be surprised to learn what you can do with just $1 when you give to WILD. (Check out our 2015 Annual Report here and learn more.)

At WILD, $1 gets you:

– An elephant in Mali safe from poachers for a day.

– Protection of 6 acres of critical elephant habitat for one year.

– Investment in a rising generation of conservation leaders; our facilitation of  all three North American governments collaborating to enhance wilderness protection; and helping us publish  the world’s only professional/public  journal dedicated to international wilderness, the International Journal of Wilderness.

– The opportunity to say you changed the world and made it a better place.

You see, saving the world doesn’t take a lot. It just takes all of us, working together to harness the power of collective action and make big improvements for wilderness.

Oh, and a little generosity too –but you knew that already. (For more about people just like you who are saving wilderness with the WILD Foundation, check out our 2015 Flickr Storybook! Also check back with this blog every Thursday for the next 4 weeks to read amazing stories of impact straight from our program directors to you!)

WILD Half Stories


For over 40 years, the WILD Foundation has made safe places for nature, where communities value and protect wildlife and wilderness, and are excited to do so. We are inviting you now to become a part the Wild Half – our  group of supporters devoted to protecting a planet that is at least half wild by helping the WILD Foundation:

– Successfully work with local communities in Mali to protect a region the size of Switzerland – 32,000 square kilometers! – and the elephants that live there from poachers and habitat loss.

– Invest in a new generation of conservationists and their projects.

– And facilitate the coordination of wilderness protection among North American government agencies.

As a member of the WILD Half you shift the balance of the present for wilderness! And you can leverage the impact of your giving by supporting WILD now and helping us meet our goal of raising $340,000 in the final quarter of 2015. This makes it possible for our lean organization to plan for the future, and address new threats to wilderness –which seldom arrive with advance notice!– and to apply new solutions as needed. (Keep track of our progress on our Talking WILD blog, updated every Friday, until December 31, 2015!)


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Give here to join the WILD Half, and consider the following:

Scheduling monthly donations help us plan better and stretch your investment in our planet’s wild places.

– Joining one of our giving circles confers added benefits to you, our supporter, who makes our mission possible.

Pledging an annual gift for 5 years leverages your donation and creates the capacity for WILD to plan strategically.

Scheduling a donation on December 8, 2015 through ColoradoGives.org amplifies your gift with the First Bank Incentive Fund.

It isn’t every day you get an invitation to change the world and protect wilderness. Accept this opportunity and see just how far your generosity goes. Together, we are keeping the planet wild!

Stay wild!

Amy Lewis

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