There’s a decided feel-good factor to cuddling a lion cub or riding an elephant; it’s something that, given half a chance, many of us would do without thinking twice. But would we be contributing to research and conservation, as wildlife-encounter operations claim? Probably not, says Ian Michler. (First published in Africa Geographic, December 2011/January 2012) Read more!

Ian Michler, a top wildlife guide, photojournalist and naturalist, has spent the last decade documenting the major conservation challenges facing Africa. An author of 6 travel books on various African countries, his work is well known to readers of the award winning magazines, Africa Geographic and Africa Birds and Birding. Michler will be co-leading one of WILD’s latest field projects, In the Tracks of Giants; a 6 month east-to-west journey connecting major conservation nodes to promote a greater awareness of conservation, human community and leadership issues specifically relevant to southern Africa.

The WILD foundation is granted the rights to publish the attached article in any format (digital or print), free of charge, provided the credit lines are used.

Text & photographs by Ian Michler

First published by Africa Geographic

Download Ian Michler’s article, Think Before You Walk

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