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If you’re reading this, it’s very likely that you believe the threats of climate change and mass extinction to be the greatest challenges facing humanity. You might also be disappointed by humanity’s collective response to these emergencies. So far there isn’t enough political will or public support to take urgently needed action. You can change that.

We hear you. It can be genuinely difficult to determine how to invest your money in environmental charities if you are interested in saving the future of life, all life, on Earth. At WILD we believe that the single best strategy to defend humanity’s future is to bolster wild biodiversity in wilderness and invest in projects that give nature the space she needs to thrive. That’s why our programs create and strengthen leadership and public support for wild nature.

The scientific consensus backs us up here, here, and here. And a lot of other places, too. For a brief summary of why we need wild nature and lots of it, visit this link.

Below is a list of WILD’s high-impact, cost-effective, evidence-based, and nature-positive initiatives. We are working to protect Earth at scale (that means the entire planetary life defense system!) for a functioning biosphere that supports humanity’s future:​

4 of WILD’s high-impact, cost-effective, evidence-based, & nature-positive initiatives

Protecting Half of Earth's Land & Seas

The destruction of Earth’s wilderness is a direct, and often overlooked, cause of increased frequency of pandemics, the climate emergency, and the devastating loss of Earth’s biodiversity. In 2009, WILD launched the first global coalition in support of protecting at least half of Earth. In 2020 and beyond we continue to advance support for half where it’s needed most: in the United Nations and at the national policy level of some of Earth’s most high impact countries, including China and the United States.

Movement building is essential in the fight for a healthy and wild future. Harvard research shows that to create systemic change that you must mobilize 3.5% of the population. Doing that around the world isn’t easy, but WILD’s +45 year track record uniquely positions us to have an impact where it is needed most.

Creating Global Public Support for Enough Wilderness to Survive

Good ideas don’t spread on their own, and most of the global public is still unaware of the essential role nature plays in our day-to-day survival. The Survival Revolution is WILD’s global public outreach campaign. We use expert and celebrity influencers to reach over 100 million people with practical information and calls to action in support of protecting half of Earth’s land and seas. This campaign is building public (and leadership!) support for the entire conservation sector!

The Mali Elephant Project

You may rightly wonder how we can defend nature and support human populations too – especially in less developed countries. The Mali Elephant Project in West Africa defends an area of elephant habitat the size of Switzerland that is also home to close to 400,000 people! In fact, it even won the United Nations’ coveted Equator award in 2017 for its work at the intersection of biodiversity protection and sustainable development. The Mali Elephant Project is a model for the future because it targets the root cause of environmental destruction: humanity’s broken relationship with nature. By changing attitudes, values, institutions, and actions in the local villages, the Mali Elephant Project has created hope for elephants and people where previously there was none.

Youth Leadership for the Planet

Around the world, young people are defending nature in their communities, taking initiative where it’s needed most – many without formal education or access to funding opportunities. CoalitionWILD supports these courageous young leaders with mentorships and opportunities to elevate and replicate their work on a global platform. Protecting nature at a global scale means that every community and every individual is on the frontlines of conservation. CoalitionWILD empowers the next generation with the tools they need to thrive and help humanity survive.

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From today, we have only 10 years to effectively address the climate and extinction crises if we are to avert catastrophic impacts in the 21st century. To do this, humanity must mobilize more communities, urge scientifically based solutions, and provide action-based models for a future in which our biosphere and civilization survive. You can do what is necessary to ensure humanity and wild nature can live together. Our future depends on it.

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