Biomatrix logoWILD is pleased to announce our partnership, through our WILD Cities Project, with Biomatrix Water!  Biomatrix is an ecological design, education & technology company that researches, builds and operates projects that enhance urban quality of living through improved ecological conditions.  Based in Moray, Scotland, Biomatrix has worked throughout the world providing products and services to meet the growing demand for ecological water technology that is both functional, attractive and sustainable.  The founding partners have over twenty years experience in ecological engineering for waterway restoration and wastewater treatment.  The first river/lake restoration floating island was launched in 1991. Read more about our partnership here >

Biomatrix believes that by combining the wise use of durable modern materials with biomimicry processes, they can use their engineering and design innovation expertise to provide effective solutions to the problems of water pollution and habitat degradation that many urban places are faced with today. Their services are used internationally by: city councils, water agencies, river basin managers, restoration organizations, landscape architects, ecologists, property developers, conservationists, private clients and environmental engineers. Biomatrix has installed projects in the UK, USA, Philippines, India, Brazil and China.

Hicklin Lake project- Biomatrix

Installation of a project in Hicklin Lake in Seattle, WA, 2013

In addition, their floating active islands & active edges can be custom designed to create an ideal habitat for wildlife. Birds thrive when they have a safe and comfortable place to nest and live. Fish populations thrive and are able to seek shelter and habitat to feed amongst the plant roots. Other species that benefit from the Biomatrix Active Ecosystems are turtles, frogs, otters and butterflies. The diversity of the plants that live on the islands add beauty and attract lovely pollinators!

From concrete wall to floating ecosystem: Biomatrix Water and partners were commissioned by the Canal & River Trust to provide river bank protection and new habitat, to restore a vertical concrete edged section of the River Brent. The project team was tasked with creating new riparian habitat without obstructing flow or navigability of the waterway. View the photos below to see the progression after the installation, and view the Floating Edge case study to learn more.




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