Your purchase of a raffle ticket can enhance urgently needed collaboration

Wilderness Foundation Global (WFG) is turning the tide against wildlife crime in Africa, the old fashioned way: by making it easy for some of the best anti-poaching leaders to work together.

And now we’re asking for your help too!

Why? Because WFG bridges continents to unite three long-standing conservation organizations behind new strategies for the protection of Africa’s elephant and rhino populations. And we’re looking for new supporters who believe in the power of teamwork to change the world.


Mali Elephant Project ranger watching over a group of elephants

Mali Elephant Project ranger watching over a group of elephants


We figured that when it comes to anti-poaching, three heads are better than one. That’s why the WILD Foundation and its partners, Wilderness Foundation Africa and Wilderness Foundation United Kingdom, are joining forces. Through WFG, we are efficiently increasing the flow of learning and resources to solutions that address the root causes of poaching and expedite relief to projects on the front lines of Africa’s poaching epidemic, including the Mali Elephant Project to combat ivory poaching, and the Forever Wild Rhino project to reduce the illegal trade in rhino horn.


Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative’s Demand Reduction Campaign

Forever Wild Rhino Protection Initiative’s Demand Reduction Campaign


And now it’s your turn to help WFG’s anti-poaching efforts!

Join WFG and World 50/50, a global online fundraising campaign that harnesses the power of raffles to take on some of the greatest challenges facing humanity, to help protect African wildlife. Over the next three weeks, World 50/50 will host its inaugural raffle, and 50% of all ticket purchases will go directly to WFG’s anti-poaching efforts. Recognizing the first-class quality of our work, World 50/50 selected us as their first featured charity!

That means every time you buy a ticket, 50% of the money will go directly to WFG, and you’ll receive a chance to win the jackpot. Give a chance. Get a chance. The need to stop the wildlife trade is just that clear!

Stop poaching. Support teamwork. Buy a ticket today.

**According to legal requirements , participation in the World 50/50 raffle through purchasing tickets is for people who reside outside the US and Canada.**

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