In a perfect world, no one would ever feel lonely or too small to take on the complex collective challenges we face. And on the evening of July 25th at the Macky Auditorium, for a 2.5 hour period the WILD Foundation and the International Society for Systems Sciences carved out an intellectually rejuvenating alcove in time and space for those in attendance. Harnessing the power of mutual respect, creativity, and hope, it was a moment to be fully aware of our potential as wild and capable humans.

Highlights from the evening include:

  • Ilarion’s song of grief for the Earth and his people.
  • Bill Becker’s admission that what keeps him motivated to create a greener future is a vision of wholeness and perfection he experienced after he returned from Vietnam.
  • And Hunter Lovins’ conviction that even the briefest of sincere conversations can lead to profound shifts that transform the world for the better.


Also, WILD is proud to report that this event pioneered fresh terrain in the sustainability dialogue. This includes:

  • As Marc Bekoff would say, “Rewilding Sustainability.” Panelists and audience members considered the role of uniting science with art, culture, and nonhuman interests to create a sustainable ethic that is as emotionally rich and empowering as it is scientifically and technologically sound.
  • Amplifying Native interests and voices by including an indigenous leader in a discussion about a “non-native” issue.
  • An expansion of the goals of sustainability to include the notion of reciprocity with our uniquely vital planet. As the notion that Nature Needs Half continues to emerge in more and more environmental discussion, the process of rediscovering the inseparability of human and natural interests is just beginning.


Thank you so much to all our speakers and all who were in attendance. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep the conversation going and to forge new pathways to a richer and healthier wild future.



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