If Quarantine Makes You Feel Isolated, Just Think How Wildlife Feels Every Day

Every year the destruction of habitat isolates and confines wild animals to smaller and smaller places. Through rewilding we can expand wild areas for the benefit of both human health and wildlife.

4 Environmental Campaigns that Used Unity to Create Success

Here are 4 examples of environmental campaigns that have (and still are) creating change using the power of unity.

Climate Change: from Alpine Slip n’ Slides to Tundra Terroir

Here are five places likely to bear the brunt of climate change and why they matter. And, if you think you can weather (pun intended) these places being damaged or lost, I’ve included another five places that might hit closer to home.

The Story for Our Future

The Story for Our Future, the 11th World Wilderness Congress’ primary policy recommendation, is based on the guidance of leaders from all sectors of society and dozens of countries around the world, and is the latest and most detailed product of this global process.

Defending Rainforests Starts by Defending People

The coronavirus pandemic is now sweeping across the Amazon. With no modern healthcare for this modern disease outbreak, the Yawanawá Tribes’ vulnerability increases daily. If we are to end the many environmental emergencies that we now confront, we must take care of nature’s best guardians.