Living Alongside the Yawanawá

The Yawanawá people live in western Brazil, close to the Peruvian border. The Yawanawá culture revolves around their strong relationship with nature.

The Right To A Healthy Planet Finally Endorsed By UN

In a historic vote on July 28, the United Nations General Assembly endorsed the universal human right to a clean, healthy, and sustainable environment.

Protecting Wilderness, A Young Change Maker’s Mission And Challenge

Through this Q&A with Camille Rivera, dive into the story of the creation of Oceanus Conservation and the relationship between humans and nature.

The surprising reason behind the disappearance of wolves in Colorado

Something alienates us from more meaningful days, even as it clamps down on our delight in life and gratitude for the wonder of nature. Can you guess what it is? Everywhere you go, it’s there, hidden in plain view. It’s carried on airwaves and spilling over the pages of magazines and newspapers.

What’s more important than a leader?

There’s a video floating around YouTube that was shown to me years ago during a workshop on leadership. It’s of a crowd of people at an outdoor...

The Secret to Saving the Rainforest

The Brazil nut comprises only a fraction of the international nut trade, but its impact for the individuals and communities who produce the nut is significant, and perhaps for the Kayapo more than others.

Field Guide to Nature Needs Half

Traditional Cultures & NGOs Ally to Prevent the Wholesale Deforestation of the Rainforest   This is the first installment of a four-part...