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WILD6: India, 1988 - WILD Foundation

6th World Wilderness Congress

Bangalore, India, 1998

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The 6th World Wilderness Congress convened in October, 1998 in Bangalore, India, with 700 delegates from 30 nations. Chairman: Mr. M.A. Partha Sarathy. Proceedings: Wilderness and Humanity: The Global Issue, Vance Martin and Partha Sarathy, eds., Fulcrum Press, Golden, Colorado, 2001.

  • Asian Wilderness Initiative -Introduced the concept of designated protected wilderness areas to Asia, where no such protected-area status had currently existed.  The initiative, to recommend a policy structure and framework for such recognition and designation.
  • Cheetah: Reintroduction in India – After thorough discussion, this joint effort with Namibia (Africa) was encouraged and endorsed, and will be pursued by numerous non-governmental organizations within India.
  • Marine Wilderness – A pioneering concept was launched to recognize and better protect the unique values and attributes of wilderness on and within the high seas.
  • Cultural – David Rothenberg & The Karnataka College of Percussion, featuring R.A. Ramamani produced “Bangalore WILD,” a musical compilation celebrating wild nature. Listen to some of the tracks below:



1. Raga: Chakravakam, Tala: Adi / Piece: Gajanan Yutham Ganeshwaram (5:53)

2. Raga: Kuntala Varali, Tala: Khanda Chapu / Piece: Bogindrashayinam, composer: the late Maharaja Swati Tirunal of Trivandrum (4:49)

3. Nalungiaq / featuring Antarctic Weddell seals recorded by Douglas Quin; words from the Netsilik eskimo shamaness Nalungiaq (5:09)

4. Tlingit Song / words adapted from “Tlingit Death Songs,” words translated by Stephen Berg (6:18)

5. The End is Not a Probelm (3:24)

6. Lament for the Vanishing, rehearsal (5:27)


Proceedings from the 6th WWC:

Cover_Wilderness-and-HumaniA must for wilderness management professionals, environmentalists, and anyone interested in wilderness preservation.The 6th World Wilderness Congress met in Bangalore India in 1998, convening over 600 policy makers, scientists, tribal people, politicians, business persons, educators and more. With an emphasis on Asia within global context of wilderness and wildland issues, this action-oriented forum was the most recent in a line of such international forums covering over 25 years of the international wilderness and environmental movement. This current volume is the most up-to-date, and is both well edited and amply illustrated for ease of reading, with over 40 chapters, by different authors from different countries and professions, covering all aspects of wilderness and wildlands research, conservation, history and strategy.


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